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9 Digital Technology Trends for Your Healthcare Company Vision 2020 and Beyond

15 Nov 2019

9 Digital Technology Trends for Your Healthcare Company Vision 2020 and Beyond

There is never been a more thrilling time to be in the digital healthcare space that now. Biotech encompass all of the instruments, medications, vaccines, processes and systems designed to streamline health care operations, lower costs and improve quality of care. AI, visual and voice search, blockchain, chatbots and virtual and augmented reality are among the most promising bitech trends in 2019.

9 Digital Technology Trends for Your Healthcare Company Vision 2020 and Beyond

Slow bio tech adoption

Slow bio tech adoption continues to be the main challange for the healthcare tech professionals according to the American Medical Association. The lack of accessable technology is something that’s preventing healthcare managers from embracing digital transformation in their organisations. There is so much progress with regards to digitalisation of health in 2019.

Multiple digital technologies to enhance healthcare business outcomes

Health care companies can leverage today multiple digital technologies to enhance their business outcomes building on the digital vision and making the futurist health impact in the modern medicine practices:

Artificial Intelligence is still one of the main digitalisation drivers for health companies.

Over a hundred startups are developing devices and technologies in artificial intelligence for radiology alone doe example, apart from the incumbents who are developing solutions across different medical conditions.

Blockchain has the power to restructure the whole healthcare system

By altering information collections, fixing digital display advertising and making our digital transactions more secure are just some of the blochain applications.

Voice search is a massive opportunity in health care

With voice search there is a massive opportunity for health care marketers to stand out in the industry with regards to ranking for relevant search terms.

Patient Support Chatbots

Options are endless for chatbots use cases in the medical space, from customer support information to potential identification of mild health impact and conditions – there is plenty to be excited about.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Healthcare Augmented and Virtual Reality are fantastic tools to build a vision of the patient optimum engagement through the wole treatment process. Building on it as emerging medicine technology, you can differentiate and make an impact with original content that guides and instruct the patient through the whole medicare process. Build a vision on how virtual reality can calm, excite your patients though the haling process.
Augmented Reality (AR) tech based devices and medical solutions, that leverage 2D images and other patient data, create and superimpose a new 3D model, a digital twin of patient anatomy on the patient’s body, are currently one of the most impactful health tech visions. AR is a technology capable of optimising the medical industry efficiency and cost aspects of not just surgery but the whole medicine sectors improving the error rates due to the new high degree of precision offered by this digital health application.

Applications of Social Networking in HealthCare

Advanced social networking technologies are available even to smaller health companies reaching out to patients. Medical care providers can leverage social network analytics technology which will turn information into actionable industry insights.

Build your own mobile apps or leverage mobiel app partnerships

Custom mobile apps and devices are an excellent way to leverage patients friendly relevant monitoring and notifications to provide pertinent and custom digital experiences to individuals. You can also leverage partnerships with some other popular healthcare applications! You do not always have to invest an app that is in mobile to reach new patients.

Video is coming strong

82% of the digital content consumed online will be in video format by 2022. Use video technologies to capitalize on user’s participation and attention and leverage dgital platforms like YouTube, Facebook video, Instagram and the recently founded TikTok for a huge potential promotion.

E-mail is a classical but still undervalued and underused technology in HealthCare 4.0

With digital devices and automation getting smarter, it is a wonder why health tech, support and marketing professionals are not leveraging e-mail moe within the patient’s health cycle. Most futurist visions of the health care organisations should leverage e-mail and other digital options for heath device monitoring all the way to smart messaging.

If you are interested on how you could implement or leverage any of this into your healthcare company vision, drop us an e-mail or connect with one of our biotech professionals. We would be happy to assit you with your digitalisation plans!

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