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About us

Areus means cutting edge biotech research & development, cybersecurity & artificial intelligence

Areus is all about providing quality software, cutting edge research & development, cybersecurity and advancing artificial intelligence and robotics fields. We serve high level corporate CEOs, CIOs, VPs of IT in bringing to life their technology visions, implementing and enabling a technology sustainable competitive advantages to the overall business, transforming the business through sustainable IT investments.

We are proud to support medical research and development fields with AI & robotics engineering through strategic partnerships with top level research institutions around the world, part of technology movers consortium.

We are a team of enthusiastic developers and designers passionate about turning big ideas into reality. Our unique mixture of skills guarantees that any project, no matter how complex, will be a success. Here is why you should choose Areus for your next software development project:

  • We work smart. Experience teached us about smart planningand careful implementation. We always respect the timeframe and the agreed cost.
  • We practice innovative collaboration. We don’t just execute we engage 100% in your project exploring the possibilities of resolving any critical question through creative ideas and concepts.In addition we use the latest communication techniques and technologies in order to stay connected efficiently.
  • We have a unique approach. We employ a consultancy approach in order to helping you optimize your business and improve the user experience.We can help you at every stage of your product development pre- and post product-market fit.
  • Expert project management. The digital solutions we provide rely on direct interaction with the client carefully organized teams and an insightful and engaging client-provider relationship.