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Custom Software Development Outsourcing in Romania

22 Nov 2019

Custom Software Development Outsourcing in Romania

In this article we consider why outsourcing custom software development to Romania will enable your company business agility and competitiveness. Your company needs to consider it as an option to restart or to enable your further company growth. Most companies, big or small, are outsourcing partly or completely their custom software development processes abroad to allow or maintain for sustainable agility, commutativity, and business growth. Maintaining readiness in a technology-driven company can be challenging, whatever the size of the companies. Software development pricing and resources fluctuate rapidly as the focus shifts by fast emerging trends in technology, and powerhouses face competition from new emerging overseas regions. 

We recently published a free white-paper to provide more details on Romania as a destination for custom software development outsourcing “Why Outsource Custom Software Development to Romania? A New Guide to Nearshore & Offshore Country Selection”

Why Outsource Custom Software Development to Romania?

Areus skilled development teams can help you in keeping competitive on top of the new technology trends. This guide provides extensive information required to optimize results as a basis for your custom outsourced software development strategy.

Why consider outsourcing to Romania?

Romania ranks in top outsourcing markets based on its maturity, proficient and well-trained software developers, excellent language and communications skills, and a favourable price to quality ratio. A good deal of SME and big outsourcing players operating large development centers on the market are from Germany, France, and the USA. The most attractive software outsourcing cities are Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj Napoca, and Timisoara.

Custom Software Development Outsourcing clients and partners come from all products, solutions, and services sectors: insurance, financial and banks services, telecommunication and IT – information technology, business services, consumer goods, or other industries. The ABSL reviews mention the average age of the outsourcing workforce between 26 and 35 years, with women accounting for 61 %. The mobile app and software developers in Romania are proficient and capable in a wide range of engineering systems, technologies, and methodologies. Developers master both traditional systems and core technologies like Java. NET, C++, Web, or Mobile app software. Additionally, Eastern European mobile app, and custom software solutions developers are proficient in emerging development technologies like DevOps, AI Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, or Blockchain.

If you would like to check out some of our team’s capabilities and arguments for choosing Areus as a partner for your custom software development and outsourcing projects in Romania here is some good overview.

Approximately 1.5% of the active population in Romania works in outsourcing services based on data offered by ABSL – the Association of Business Service Leaders in Romania. With 300 000 professionals working in the outsourcing sector, growth has been constant, providing the right balance of competitive pricing, top quality, and English fluency. 185, 000 developers working in the ICT industry in Romania with roughly 50% of those working as software developers, the number is projected to triple over the next decade. Per the ABSL estimates, the outsourcing business created revenue of about 4 billion euros. 

Custom software development Romania

Romania is a part of the EU since 2007, ranking the 12 largest economies in the EU, with economic growth of 7 percentage in 2017 and more than 4 percent in 2018. The growth rate is still expected to accelerate by 3% each year, one of the few economies in the area positioned for accelerated economic expansion. Found in the center of Eastern Europe, it is among the quickest growing markets in the EU, at the top 10 most significant nations in Europe when we look at the total workforce.

The IT industry remains one of the highest-paid sectors in Romania and has seen a significant yearly 15-20% development. Consumption prices are rather inexpensive, offering lower average costs than Poland, but slightly higher rates when compared with Ukrainian software development teams.

Business culture and communication in Romania

There are plenty of stereotypes and myths concerning the local population. The simple truth is that although the Romanians value traditions and folklore, with a history of amazing rural areas, it’s a modern cosmopolite nation, providing similar to the western and friendly development environment and communications.

The collapse of the communist regime opened the gates to get Western cultures and values. If you visit Romania, then you’ll have a sense of these young modern individuals and culture, which makes outsourcing solutions and development services a comfortable experience for international companies and executives.

What makes Romanians stand out is their communication abilities

The Romanian language belongs to roman roots language family, which makes it easy for Romanians to pick up French, Italian, or Spanish. 

  • More than 90% of graduate students speak English,
  • Over 25% of the Romanians speak French.
  • About 10% are also fluent in Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, along with other languages. 

Moreover, Outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe invest in soft skills on top of the software, mobile app, and technology development. Software developers in Romania take social skills and communication courses, leadership, building their personal and communications skills technology, and programming skills.

The Romanian’s values and lifestyle are very compatible with the United States and Germany. Tourists often find the local culture and communication as an excellent match for the North American one. This supports geographically distributed teams or multi-sourced project collaboration.

Software developers have experience in working for international and global companies developing work ethics and methodologies under the western influence, with a general and enthusiastic adaption of the western business culture. A business seeking a strong development team, together with a friendly and adaptable climate, will undoubtedly consider outsourcing to Romania.

Location, access & traveling to Romania

There are four major international airports in Romania and many smaller international airports. Traveling from the US is direct from NY to Bucharest; same for most European main airports; For the rest of the USA, you will have to stop over in another airport hub in Europe. 

Any destination in Europe is a few hours away from any outsourcing destination in Romania, and you’ll often locate a convenient returning plane even on the same afternoon if you’re short on time.

A US flight can take 6 to 8 hours, including the connection time.

Innovation is embedded in custom software development companies

Romania has an entrepreneurial spirit besides a new emerging IT nation combined with passion and great work ethics. There is also a progressive approach to development work, which positively affects the custom software development field, ads it is seen as a way for career development, learning multiple technologies, and developing in international business environments. Foreign management is well perceived and received by local software developers, while remote web collaboration in geographically distributed teams is already mainstream. The technological backbone that Supports the secure IT services business offers tons of opportunities for startups. There are 12 accelerators, 353 startups, and 52 startup events per year.

To find out more on the total number of professionals, why Romania has the best ratio for IT&C professionals per capita among CEE countries and what are the wages of analysts and software developers in Romania you can download a copy of the free white-paper Why Outsource Custom Software Development to Romania? A New Guide to Nearshore & Offshore Country Selection“.

If you need help with comparing different outsourcing destination or need help with your custom software development project or overall strategy contact our skilled development team. We would be happy to support you and answer any of your inquiries!

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