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Biobanking Biosensing impact Biotech Bioimaging Value Chain

13 Nov 2019

Biobanking Biosensing impact Biotech Bioimaging Value Chain

Bio Technologies and the Medical Diagnostics Value Chain

Areus Development attended “Biobanking Biosensing Bioimaging – impacts on the Medical Diagnostics Value Chain” sectorial workshop under the DIGI-B-CUBE project in Linz, Austria. Start-ups and SMEs from health, biotech, medicine, and clinical sectors attended.

Digitalisation has become an integrant part of our day-to-day lives. The fields of healthcare and digital medicine are heavily impacted by technology, as it is getting progressively a more significant role; faster and more advanced medical procedures, from diagnosis to interventions and techniques are impacted by technology trends and adoption.

The DIGI-B-CUBE ” Biobanking Biosensing Bioimaging” workshop

The ” Biobanking Biosensing Bioimaging” workshop is organized under Horizon 2020. DIGI-B-CUBE, which intends to set up a cross-border business ecosystem to bring advanced IT developments in the medicinal sectors. The workshop showcased how organizations have just digitized their procedures and practical applications for healthcare companies intending to apply the available bio technologies and innovations.

Enabling the emerging Biotech market

Providing assistance to organizations in the Medical Diagnostics Value Chain to reinvent their business model and include, even leverage digitisation was the centrepiece to the workshop agenda. As an enabler for the emerging biotech market, Digi-B-Cube focused on providing a platform for companies in the value chain to interact in a constructive manner on the challenges of going digital in the healthcare space. Trust and cooperation opportunities between the IT providers and the medical value chain participants and sharing experiences between workshop participants were key to getting actionable plans and perspectives.

Key digital innovations for Health Economy 4.0

The third in the series of four sectoral workshops for the identification Medical Diagnostics challenges, th workshop in Linz was also part of the larger scope conference on Digital.MedTech conference covering new biotech market disruptive technologies and key digital innovations for Health Economy 4.0. From the interaction between experts and SMEs
from health, medicine, and clinical sectors we aim to reach a common understanding of the Medical Diagnostics chain status quo and to determine challenges for SME innovation.

BioTech, Biobanking, Biosensing, Bioimaging

Scale-up digital innovation products and services in Biotech

Impressive digital transformation of SMEs through innovation and follow-up coaching in order to successfully scale-up digital innovation products and services ensures that companies in the biotech space have all the tools to adapt and succeed in the digital transformation.

Are you a start-up or a biotech SME and need help? Learn more about the advancement of BioTech with from R&D experts. Connect with us!

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