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Why to outsource software testing

27 Jun 2017

Why to outsource software testing

Software Testing and Quality Assurance are an essential part of software development. However, they can be executed in different ways – either by your company’s in-house team, or by an outsourced group of specialists. Today we will talk about four main reasons for choosing the latter option. Here are the main advantages of outsourcing your software testing to a partner company.


1. Specialization means better quality

Software development consists of many different parts – from initial planning, through the actual coding to the final testing. Achieving the best quality in each of those stages requires specialization. Only by focusing on one of them, a programmer can become a real expert in the field. However, this isn’t always possible when being a part of an in-house team, where the programmer deals with many different tasks depending on the company’s actual activity.

Here’s where the first advantage of software testing outsourcing comes to a play. Professional software testers fully specialize in this field of development. Thanks to it, they continuously widen their expertise and stay up-to-date with the cutting-edge technologies and best practices. They have the time and resources needed for adapting new solutions and discovering new approaches to software QA.


2. Outsourcing means avoiding hidden costs

When thinking about in-house team, entrepreneurs often ignore hidden costs of maintaining a job position. Besides the salary, there are a lot of hidden costs involved in having a new employee in your company. Trainings, paid leaves and bureaucracy costs are only an example. Finally, there’s a risk this investment will remain without the pay back, as the employee can leave the company.

In case of the outsourcing, however, all those hidden costs are easily avoided. Your company pays only for the real costs of the service. There are no risks nor additional investments needed. When comparing both solutions, the initially higher contracting costs often result to be a more economical solution.


3. Contracting means immediate results

Outsourcing software testing means not only a lower costs but also a shorter lead time of service delivery. When assigning tasks to your in-house team, you have to keep in mind other projects that they may be already involved in. This usually means a big delay in fulfilling the assignments.

The outsourced company will immediately assign a team responsible for your project, which will stay at your full disposal throughout the whole cooperation time. This is extremely important while introducing an innovative solution to the market striving for the advantage of the first mover.


4. Flexibility means less risk

Hiring a new employee is a long-term decision. In a fast-changing IT industry and uncertain business environment, it can be a very risky investment that not all of the companies can afford. In this situation outsourcing also seems to be the perfect solution.

When contracting a software testing services, you keep your full flexibility. This means the services can be immediately adjusted to your changing needs, since the cooperation is based on a short-term contracts. The outsourced company can assign additional resources to your project immediately, whenever needed. And respectively – those resources can be limited when you no longer need them, or cannot afford them. This helps reducing your operating risks to zero and allows you to bravely develop your ideas.


Next step

If you think outsourcing software services is the solution for you – simply send us a message and we will get back to you immediately. Areus specializes in functional, performance and security testing throughout all the platforms. More about our QA services can be read here.

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