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The black magic of Java

20 Aug 2015

The black magic of Java

javaThe tech sector is booming. The in-vogue languages vary by employment sector, but it seems like Java is still number one programming language today. Java is a first class enterprise language and it is an object oriented language released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems.

Java is a language, as long as a platform and it has significant advantages over other languages and it is suitable for just about any programming task and it provides the means for rapid development of complex applications. It is interesting to notice that C and Java are constantly competing for number one programming language slot, but Java is always winning due to its advantages:

Simplicity. The core values of Java are readability and simplicity. It provides a very easy interface for users and developers and that’s why the language is used by over 9 millions of developers and powers more than 7 billion devices according to Oracle.

Portability. Java provides the facility to “Write Once and Run Anywhere” which is also the core value proposition of the Java platform. Besides, Java is designed to work across multiple software platforms, meaning a program written on Mac OS X, for example, could also run on Windows.

Security. Both the language and the platform were designed from the ground with security in mind. Java is secure, security is not only embedded in language, but also provided by the platform.

Java has Rich API and an incredible supporting open source ecosystem. Besides, it has powerful development tools, such as Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ IDEA or Oracle JDeveloper  and features such as automatic code completion, syntax checking as you type, and integrated documentation all help to get the job done more quickly and make the code more robust.

The code is fairly transparent. Java is more readable than C++ and easier to maintain and easier to debug it.

Definitely, Java has gained strength every passing day. Google’s choice of language for Android apps development, keeps Java as a front line programming language. Java is better for concurrent applications like the cloud. And it is a far better choice for web apps. In the end, Java is popular because it can be used almost anywhere.

Due to the proliferation of mobile and web platforms such as Android, Java remains a very strong language, so what you have to do next is to start coding yourself or find the right partner to develop apps for you.

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