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Java tools and technologies landscapes of 2015

27 Aug 2015

Java tools and technologies landscapes of 2015

8812567121_25d8d9ae53_oWe already agreed that Java is the programming language most used in creating web applications, server handling, databases or user-end API development.

Java developers always try to write Java code more quickly and efficiently, so that’s why along the way there were created different tools to make the programming life easier. We detailed below some tools and technologies that most developers have used, use or will surely use in the near future.

JUnit. Unit test framework. Tool of test-driven development which uses annotations to identify methods that specify a test.

Jenkins.  Continuous integration server. It provides 985 plugins to build and test virtually any project.  

Hibernate. It is an object/relational mapping framework that implements the Java persistence API.

Maven. Apache build manager. It makes the day-to-day work of Java developers easier and generally helps with the comprehension of any Java project.

Nexus. The main repository used by developers. Nexus is a repository manager that stores “artifacts”, but before jumping into abstractions.

MongoDB. Cross-platform document-oriented database. It is a database that highlights the use of multiple servers in replica sets and sharding.

Tomcat. Open-source web server and servlet container.  Apache Tomcat powers numerous web applications across different industries and organizations.

FindBugs. Most used static code analysis tool.  Classifies potential errors in four ranks: scariest, scary, troubling, or “of concern.”

Eclipse. Universal toolset for development. Eclipse is a good choice for developing Java applications.

Spring MVC. Web component of Spring’s framework. It provides a rich functionality for building complex web applications.

MySQL. Relational database management system. MySQL is a very popular choice of database in web application development.

Technology moves quite quickly compared to most industries and you constantly need to find the best tools and technologies to create great applications immediately.

What are your thoughts on technology moving fast? Are you keeping up? And if so, how much time do you spend on the upkeep? Share your comments with us and let us know what technologies you are using.

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