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Implementing Scrum projects with an outsourced team?

16 Feb 2017

Implementing Scrum projects with an outsourced team?

facebook-notifyYou might be thinking about what it takes to go beyond your limits and how it would be to give your idea and the processes of developing it in the hands of another provider. If you are an IT company and you have a lot of projects with short deadlines, you might be reconsidering your plans and start searching for someone with expertise in Scrum.

In Agile development environment, experts say you need at least three elements to make your projects successful: trust, diversity and partnership. To summarize it you need a partner to trust and who can provide you with a diverse range of skills to make you the product that you need.

But are you ready to have your projects made in Scrum? Please check the following questions before you start searching for a partner:

1. Can you see the value in outsourcing?

Many businesses decide to outsource when they run out of time and in many cases of resources. These can push you to outsource and you will be more motivated to know that it will cost you less to transfer the tasks to a third party. But, do not forget that you will need to understand all the processes behind an Scrum team, its roles and not ultimately your role in it.

2. Can you see the reasons why your organizational culture is better suited for Agile/Scrum projects?

It might not be the case, but you better know why your organization is going to have agile projects instead of waterfall projects. If you know your people, your goals are well defined, then go ahead, ask for help from an outsourcing partner.

3. Will you closely work with a team from outside your company?

Probably you will need to be the Product Owner or the Project Manager for the Scrum team. That means that day-by-day you will speak with the team, participate at sprints and you will be the one who asks to be implemented what you will want and need. Prepare yourself to be in charge of the project and listen carefully to what others have to ask you.

4. Will you invest time and give feedback to the development team or when they give you feedback for the new ideas?

If you thought you are going to ask for a new product, give to the Scrum team the tasks, and that’s your only role, then you were wrong. You are still investing time, but for a better cause.

5. Are you prepared to follow the trends? Are you aware that you need a scalable product opened to new implementations and features?

The term ‘agile’ speaks for itself. You should be prepared to reinvent your products and the business as well anytime. Agile enterprises need to be able to see around corners to anticipate, see what’s next and lead at the end.

These are the questions you could start with. Don’t hesitate to ask yourself, even more, questions about your business and if it fits in the outsourcing world. If you have doubts about how on-shoring, nearshoring or off-shoring could help you, contact us anytime.

Leave your comments below, and we will answer immediately. If you have any other questions, ask for help from one of our agile team members.

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