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Youtube is surprising us once again: Virtual reality is closer than never before

02 Nov 2015

Youtube is surprising us once again: Virtual reality is closer than never before

ID-100291137After Alphabet launch, we all were wondering what’s next for Google. Of course, the answer was not delayed. It seems like Youtube is going straight to virtual reality, so called the future of technology.

What is VR? Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and introduces the user in such a way that the user believes and accepts it as a real environment.

Youtube is about to change the world. The video empire’s engineering chief, Matthew Mengerink in his first interview said that Youtube wants to change the way people look at things. For now, he is not going into details about how he and his team are going to implement VR, but we can predict some big changes.

Last year Google revealed a bizarre low-tech toy – a virtual reality headset made of cardboard which could be used as an app to show 3D images and videos from mobile phones. This product now integrates perfectly into Google’s new plans for Youtube.

It seems like Youtube 360 videos were only the start of what Youtube has in mind. All you need now is an Internet connection and the Chrome browser installed on your device. Once a video is started, you can feel free to move the camera just as you would do with Google Maps when exploring an area in Street view mode. Besides, with 3D videos you can drag videos with a click of the mouse or change perspective by tilting the phone itself.

If now you can experience Youtube 360 in your living room without any other sort of special eye hardware, imagine what you can do in the future. In the near future, full virtual reality videos will soon be supported on the apps too, using just a phone.

For Google, Youtube is a big part of the cake these days. Youtube is making other changes, too. It launched Youtube Red last Wednesday, a special version of this service that gives access to it if you are paying $ 10 a month. Besides, in august, Google launched Youtube Gaming, which is a hub dedicated to video game-related content.

We are very excited to see more of Youtube’s capabilities and actually use virtual reality in our day-by-day life. Is VR going to revolutionize the way we live, play and learn? Share with us your comments in the section below.

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