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ITIL vs. DevOps – New trends in IT operations management

23 Mar 2017

ITIL vs. DevOps – New trends in IT operations management

In the past 25 years IT service management has evolved into a set of well-defined processes and procedures, with most of the industry adopting ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library). However, DevOps, the new “kid on the block”, is changing the way we approach the management and operation of our IT services, providing a more responsive and dynamic application environment.


According to its name, DevOps is a combination of development and operations. It is a software development philosophy that encourages communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and the operations environment. The main objective of DevOps is to decrease the barriers between software development and IT operations, and businesses all over the world use it to pursue both continuous integration and continuous delivery.


ITIL vs. DevOps

The discussion on ITIL vs. DevOps is a common one, and as usual, there are many different views on the subject – some say that ITIL and DevOps are completely opposed, some that they are compatible, some that they are different but both have their place in the IT department.

One thing is for sure: ITIL is important. Around two million people have been trained in it, and it has a global reach. Lots of business professionals read the ITIL volumes as guidance to their IT organizations. Throughout all its versions, ITIL has been framed as a complete approach to managing the IT function, with the specific exceptions of project methodology and systems architecture. Additionally, ITIL also informs the product directions of vendors selling IT management tools.

On the other hand, the 2014 State of DevOps report found that organizations successfully implementing DevOps tools and practices lead competitors in almost every relevant metric. According to this report, companies using DevOps are twice as likely to exceed profitability, market share, and productivity goals, while having 50% higher market capitalization and growth than competing businesses.


Why not ITIL + DevOps?

So the important questions is: Can companies benefit from DevOps and ITIL methodologies at the same time? YES, they can, but only if they are wise when it comes to implementation.

Although the guidance in ITIL is highly respected, many companies struggle with how to implement these preferred industry practices. This is where DevOps come in, providing the exact procedures necessary to implement ITIL in a practical and realistic way.


Get to know more

Want to know more about DevOps practices? See Areus’ Introduction to DevOps or contact us here and discuss the needs of your business with our experts.


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