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Top Automated Software Testing Trends to Look for this Year

15 Jan 2020

Top Automated Software Testing Trends to Look for this Year

Software testing services are what software development teams and firms need in order to effectively find out bugs and defects in the product. Here are some of the trends to look for in the future of automated software testing.
The last few years or so have witnessed significant advancements in the world of software development, along with software testing. There have emerged concepts like Agile and DevOps that have revolutionised the way software professionals work on projects in any industry and leading providers of software testing services are a proof of this. Areus is an example of one such IT firm, which caters to the varied requirements of QA teams across the globe.

The emergence of Agile and DevOps have given rise to the need for advanced automation testing services, as Agile and DevOps demand continuous testing in order to achieve the highest standards of product quality. Automated software testing services today use advanced test automation tools.
However, software testing is not just about investing in an automation testing tool, but also about the strategy used. It’s a fact that different QA projects require different approaches, but there are also best practices that define how to get the best results. Here are some of the top trends currently defining software testing services.

What does the future hold in store for software testing professionals? What are the major trends you need to consider?

Big Data and Testing

This is the age of Big Data as data is growing by leaps and bounds. One of the challenges faced by organisations today in any industry is analysing this data which is not only enormous but also unstructured. The Big Data has also had its impact on QA, and this demands that QA teams change their approach in order to accommodate it. Hence, Big Data testing is one of the fast emerging trends in the world of software testing services today.

Growing Importance of Automated Testing

As mentioned earlier, automation is on demand right now and this is only going to increase with time. This is because both, Agile and DevOps are approaches that focus on continuous testing and QA teams need automation to execute the large volumes of testing required due to the same. However, this does not indicate the elimination of manual testing, as automation can never completely replace it.

Increased Impact of Agile this year

Agile has been around for almost two decades now, and its impact on shaping the software testing services is only going to increase in the near future. With Agile, there will be increased focus on the continuous testing and increased seamless collaboration between teams. Also, it will involve continuous improvement in every phase of the development lifecycle.

Advent of Machine Learning & AI into Testing

Software testing services are all set to venture into new avenues with the advent of AI and machine learning. While both these technologies are already in the sphere of QA, the future holds a lot of possibilities and there are lots in store. As both the technologies grow, there will be more advancements in the field of QA as a result.
Software testing is the only premeditated way in which an application can be observed under specific conditions and in which testers can comprehend the dangers involved with the application implementation. Testing, and on the other hand, is increasingly transitioning to greater automation to ensure maximum precision and accuracy from the journey towards digital transformation. In an effort to make the application , the world is turning towards Artificial Intelligence (AI). This means that instead of manual testing and human intervention, we’re moving towards a situation where machines will be slowly taking over.


Increased Focus on Integration

The future will witness more of the need to integrate the many elements of the product development process. This is due to the highly competitive market and increasing demand for quality. Software testing services will soon be about integrating tasks like task management and requirements management to cut down the time required for the entire process.
That was all about the trends that are all set to rule the world of software testing services and are being taken into account by leading IT services providers. The future will be all about faster QA processes that are less complex and help the team to achieve the highest quality standards in the shortest time.

Scriptless Test Automation, one of the main testing trends to look for

In latest years, there were changes in the world of technology. The same has happened in the software testing where Automated Testing has evolved to facilitate rapid software development and releases at the best quality. Automation has always been intriguing, as it reduces the routine testing efforts and accelerates the testing process. Nevertheless, the Return on Investment is not always as well as expected.

In order to increase the scalability of test automation ‘Scriptless Test Automation’ is introduced. Scriptless test automation empowers the testers and business users to automate test cases without the development concerns. It can help to attain faster results and decreases the time to comprehend the code.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) impacting testing as well

New and emerging technology, like Artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning are revolutionising all sectors. Some top innovations like self-driving vehicles are set to modify the digital world. Advances in applications and AI world have paved the way for Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It is use the latest technology that has the ability to re-invent the business process management landscape, including the way each industry applies test services.

How Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is influencing testing trends

The next-generation iIaC technology is changing the way we handle IT infrastructure. The extensive implementation of virtualisation and cloud infrastructure has shifted the bottleneck from allocating servers to configuring these sometimes in new ways like automated deployment. The tough process where it used to take 2-3 weeks or months to assign a server, has been transformed into a practice of a few moments. This ins not merely a new trend but already we see it is going mainstream these days.

Pen-Testing-as-a-Service (PTaaS)

A company’s security position is continuously changing and adapting to adjust to the dangers and vulnerabilities that are rising in the cyberspace. Penetration testing services are now more and more concerned with PTaaS, providing more value as it entails a continuous cycle of testing and remediation. It indicates that to fight the changing vulnerabilities and security exposure of the business, there has to be an on-going program of testing and management. The PTaaS methodology recognises, tests and validates the entire technology stack.

IoT as a runner up in this top trends

The Internet of Things market is going at a fast pace with over 20 billion devices interconnected this year. IoT is needed in safety assessment, ensuring data integrity, monitoring connection status, and scalability testing.

To find out how you can apply these new testing trends and technologies to your specific industry or company, contact Areus certified team of software testing experts. If you want to find out more about Testing Automation or DevOps, we would be happy to assist.

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