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How to perform a Cyber – Security Vulnerabilities Analysis to Keep Your Company Safe

27 Jan 2020

How to perform a Cyber – Security Vulnerabilities Analysis to Keep Your Company Safe

What is the Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment?

The escalation in mobile and pc technology has led to threats in security of any organisation. The cyber risk is might be in the form of viruses which may crash the system and permit access to information that is confidential.

How can you stop security intrusions? An ethical hacker can perform an assessment in a penetration testing process applied to the computer network of a company. Whatever ends up to be the system’s vulnerability findings after this process, will be fixed by the organisation’s IT department patching the system network.

yber-Security-Vulnerabilities-Analisys-Security-PentrationIf these vulnerabilities are not fixed, they may be exploited by a hacker. The methods utilized by a hacker and by an ethical penetration testing team or professional are the same.

Both have the same knowledge with regards to programming. You can check out some of the top automated software testing trends and methodologies to advance your application sustainability.  The intentions are what differentiate the risk each imposes to your network or system. A hacker uses strategies that are illegal to bypass a system’s or application defences, whereas of the ethical hacker or penetration testing tools or services you decide to proactively engage use legal practices. The business gives the penetration testing party or ethical hacker the order and the needed permission for the selected type of penetration testing process and stages desired. This person documents the vulnerability /s or and cyber threat /s , providing an action plan on to fix the organisation security.

Where are vulnerabilities usually found?

A lot of software used on computers provides the possibility of infection from viruses. These viruses are actually illegal programs that can supply info to other sources. Poor or improper application security or system configurations are liable to infections and vulnerability. Any sort of hardware or software flaws, as well as operational weaknesses in technical processes might lead to application corruption. There are numerous standards in the market which allow businesses to carry out penetration testing. An example is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This consists of a worldwide recognised set of policies and procedures meant to optimise securities of credit, debit along with cash card transactions. It also protects cardholders from misuse of personal information.
An ethical hacking process supplies all the various advanced tools and practices used by hackers or penetration testing professionals to violate the system vulnerability in an organisation. This process makes you think like a hacker and explore a situation from a hacker’s mindset.

The Importance of Security Vulnerability Analysis

There are thousands of different kinds of security vulnerabilities in the web, so it can be a daunting task trying to sort through them all. There are hundreds of thousands of different vulnerabilities to consider and also millions of different types of web applications. There are some websites out there that are professionally set up and attempt to gather as much information as possible about the security vulnerabilities that they have found.
Another aspect of cybersecurity vulnerability analysis is working out how you can solve the system vulnerability step by step to avoid any possible threat. It is very important to have a logical assessment process and a plan on how you are going to fix it. You need to think about how your application or system is going to work as a whole when confronted with a threat, and what the risk is going to be to your entire website.

Another aspect of vulnerability analysis is making sure that you have a systems review board in place that monitors your websites. It is vital that you have a security assessment bord in place and that you monitor the content of your website very carefully. There are some websites that seem to be highly profitable with very little cybersecurity vulnerability problems, but then there are some systems who are completely overrun with security vulnerabilities. Which is your organisation?
Most of the websites that are heavily guarded by skilled staff tend to use special software and tools to scan all the web content and digital assets and make it a management priority for their organisation to secure the network from cyber attacks. The standard commercial system scanning software is used for this assessments, and it is the same type of software that you would use for a basic system treats. Not every organisation can afford a security vulnerability analyst working for you, guarding your systems, applications or website that you can contact through email or phone whenever you have a vulnerability.
Whenever you have any questions regarding the cybersecurity risk of your application or website, it is always essential that you hire a security vulnerability analyst to perform the assessment for your organisation. Not only does he or she make sure that you are getting a good deal, they make sure that your website is protected from all the many different types of vulnerability that exist out there.
If you can not hire an online security vulnerability analyst, you can perform systems assessments yourself using one of the free available tools or services. Most of these free vulnerability assessments tools, websites or services come with some sort of application that you use to set up and keep track of your organisation website threat or risk. As well as monitoring the content of your website, it also monitors the attacks that you are facing, and it will alert you to the security vulnerability if the attacks become serious.
Once you have a good cyber security vulnerability analysis service in place, you will notice that you are able to keep on top of all the things that you need to be aware of when dealing with the security of your website. A good security vulnerability analysis service can really help you keep on top of the problems that you may face with your website and will help you get your website back into a secure state.

Keep Your Company Safe From Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

A number of security vulnerabilities are more common than you think. So if you don’t want your company to fall victim to any kind of vulnerability, then you need to get all the information you can on the security vulnerabilities and figure out the impact on your company.

Below are a few tips you can use to protect your company from cybersecurity vulnerabilities:

  • All in one database – Every business owner has done it – you have to do is go to the office, search for the name of the person you need to talk to, and look for the contact number there, and click the ‘call’ button. And then you just wait for the other person to call you back. But when you do this, every single employee has access to your address book. This means that if someone wanted to reach you through your contacts, they can get your address book too.
  • Database backups – Some companies do not set up backups of their databases. So, if the company happens to lose all its data, they will not be able to take it back anytime in the future.
  • Password change – There is always a chance that a hacker could crack the password of your company’s systems and gain access to your information. So, if you want to protect yourself from an attack, you should change the passwords of your employees every now and then. You can choose the best password management software that can help you set up password rules for everyone and create and manage a secure environment.
  • Firewall – There are some firewalls that can help you to block hackers from going through your network. You need to make sure that you have set up the firewalls on all your servers and computers. Also, you need to make sure that you don’t allow anyone who is not authorized access to your servers or computers.
    Passwords – You should never password resets. If someone finds out that the password that you have used before is wrong, it can affect your entire security system. If you do not change the password every time, someone will find it out and will be able to break into your entire network.

These are some of the most important things that can help you keep your company safe from security vulnerabilities. If you want to protect your company against security threats, you should make sure that you are constantly on top of the updates for all the security vulnerabilities that are affecting your company. If you don’t, then you are exposing your company to a huge amount of risk and you need to do something about it.

If you need help to figure out possible organisation threats and possible solutions, please check out our penetration testing services. Let us help you with the right tools, data and expertise to fight off any cyber risk or attack.

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