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Photogrammetry 3D Virtual Assets Management: Digitising Technical Rooms in 3D

29 Aug 2019

Photogrammetry 3D Virtual Assets Management: Digitising Technical Rooms in 3D

PHOTOGRAMMETRY 3D VIRTUAL ASSETS MANAGEMENT: DIGITISING TECHNICAL ROOMS IN 3DFirst, the vision: A virtual control room that allows for remote identification of critical data and assets in the field will soon be a standard in the assets management of any industrial and engineering control room. An all-in-one 3D scanning & reality capture system that allows you to streamline documentation, speed up as-built designs, and collaborate with ease. 

Combining photogrammetry with asset management technologies and artificial intelligence, the Virtual Asset Management Solution can offer a multimedia 3D hubs model. With the assistance of the three-dimensional model IIOT activity, the system will be preloaded with information about characteristics for the equipment in text/pdf/ video format, etc. Designed to assist the operation, interventions, or active asset management in industrial halls or narrow installation rooms, the solution provides easy and fully secured access through the cloud installation. The advantages gained by this visual display of the facilities vs other more expensive methods that require significant investments in infrastructure are self-explanatory.

Effective assets management is a complex process in large corporations across multiple verticals. Facilities planning, monitoring equipment functioning and installation, inventory and training of the team re few of the areas where the 3D virtual assets management cloud-based solution is assisting companies to achieve business objectives, cut costs, and improve staff productivity while taking all safety and quick intervention measures required in the day to day work.

To put it bluntly, you can now have a virtual visual copy of your assets simplifying and streamlining assets operations and management.

The system can be integrated with any ERP & CRM and can be available over 4G+ networks. Some of the features 

  • Virtual assets tour
  • Virtual reality
  • Generating video footage based on scans
  • 360 ° photography
  • HD photos
  • Resolution 13676 x 8192 – 134 MP;
  • Introduction of containers in the virtual presentation for executables, filming, text, pdf, etc.
  • Export embed code in any media format;
  • Export point cloud in .obj format, etc. for use in CAD programs;
  • 2D layers of scanned volumes;
  • accuracy 1% or 1-4 cm;

Some of the actives and assets that can be comprised in the virtual digitised 3D asset management system:

  • Dispatchers/pumping stations
  • Synoptic panel (type, parameters, pif date, lifetime duration)
  • IT installations (components, type, parameters, pif date, lifetime)
  • SCADA, SAD systems (type, characteristics, pif date, completion date, lifetime)
  • Call recording facilities (type, parameters, deadline, lifetime)
  • Power supplies (destination, components, type, pif date, lifetime)

Applications of the 3d virtualised asset management system

  • Design, Engineering-AEC, BIM, plan generation, point cloud export in any CAD;
  • Support visualization of active management applications through the use of containers and intralinks;
  • Support for SCADA implementation in the cloud

What does it take to have the management of your assets virtualised in a visual 3D model?

The first step is to scan and photograph all the area, ideally with a good resolution camera and upload it to the cloud. Using powerful algorithms and machine learning we attach your data on the scanned space, taking minimal effort and not requiring that you are onsite.

The last step requires you to check, modify, update, and tag any assets. You may also add assets and continually update these with latest images, or new information even from other systems that you use in your day to day asset management, operations, and business practice. You get a virtual model that is close to identical with your assets in the field in a few hours.

Inspired by leading business practices in Asset Management, visualising and virtualising 3D information provides a real in field view of the functional actives and assets, advancing the IIOT into the future of technology and safety while providing economies of scale.

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution, please contact us.

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