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Guide: How to outsource web design & development work

07 Oct 2015

Guide: How to outsource web design & development work

ID-100223617Having a new website built for you or updating the current one can be a big step for your business and it can really make the difference between success and failure.

Probably you already wondered if it’s better to keep the web dev department in-house or if you should outsource the whole work. Nowadays, having a full-time IT guy for a long time can be very expensive and it seems that the best and most cost-effective solution is to get external help from someone who already has the knowledge.

First, you need to understand that there are different types of website-building professionals: the website designers responsible for layout, graphics, text, colors, fonts and navigation of the site, the website developers who take the design and write the code to implement it and the Internet marketers who help increase traffic through SEO.

Secondly, we recommend you to follow these important basic steps in order to be satisfied with the entire development process of your online presence.

Research your business needs. Take a step back and plan the entire process. Understand your needs and what to require from a possible outsourcing partner.

Analyze time, cost and quality. There are many benefits of outsourcing your business processes; the most important seems to be considered the time, cost and quality. What you need to do is to find the right company that can get the job done at a lower cost and at a better quality in a shorter time.

Examine portfolio and work expertise. While choosing the external IT partner, first examine their portfolio work and expertise. Ask for more details of their skills and projects developed so that you can be sure that they fulfill your needs.

Choose the best offshore IT company. Factors besides “least cost” become more important. When you outsource your business needs to an external partner you need to make sure that they have the right experience in business practices and expertise in delivering complex IT projects.

Contact the company you want to be partner with. The next step is to contact the outsourcing partner and to start the work. Remember that there are some basic requirements you need to prepare to get started and these involve choosing or selecting a domain name, registering your domain name and subscribing to web hosting. Once you have this in place, you can send your hosting and domain log-in details to your web developer. Then your partner will be responsible to build your website.

Examine the final web development project. After the entire project is done, evaluate their work critically and let them know the shortcoming and drawbacks.

Stay in regular contact. Your work is not done here. Web design & development is not one time work, that’s why it is necessary to constantly communicate with your partner if you need to update or make external changes. Besides, do not forget to ask for support & maintenance for your websites.

Having the right resources available to you at the right time is the key to grow fast and smart. By outsourcing, you can have the right talent, the necessary technology, the valuable time, when you need it.  For more details of Areus’ work, contact us here and then let’s have a productive discussion about how to grow your business.

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