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Taking enterprise mobile development strategy beyond the essentials

25 Sep 2015

Taking enterprise mobile development strategy beyond the essentials

Mobile-StrategyThe recent explosion in the popularity of apps determined more and more people to be interested in developing their own and, therefore the technology behind them has changed. But the fact that the mobile app development industry is rapidly increasing around the world is no longer shocking. At the moment, the immediate question on most business men’s minds is: “How to take advantage of this thing and what should we do first?”

In this blog post, we will pay attention to the best practices applied for a mobile development strategy.

Interconnect the enterprise mobility strategy with the organizational strategy.

When Areus works with enterprises to help develop a mobility strategy, it begins by bringing both the business and technical teams to the table to create and prioritize what business goals will be enabled by mobility.

Develop a corresponding mobility architecture that promotes business value.

The developers have to work with the existing infrastructure, improve it if that’s the case and then discover and innovate the most profitable solutions for their clients. Areus searches for the optimal solutions and for all the networks, communications and app infrastructures behind it.

Create a consistent collaboration experience across devices.

From the very beginning, Areus ensures that the data is easily transferred and that the information between different devices is interconnected. Besides, Areus creates an “anytime” culture, by bringing unified communications and collaboration tools under a common interface. The main purpose is to be accessible from any device, in any location.

Put passion in the development process.

A passion for mobile is typically a side-effect of a larger, more serious condition: a passion for emerging tech and hunger for knowledge. The passion is an accelerating factor in any company and that’s how Areus differentiate itself on the market and transforms the traditional web apps into fast and effective mobile experiences.

Always keep an eye opened on the changing market

A partner as Areus always pays attention to the technology trends and adapts to them. Mobile apps are popular right now, but any businessman has to think further and see what technologies or devices are released every day and what other apps or platforms can be explored in order to engage users. It’s becoming clearer that users prefer apps that interact with their TV, car and anything else that has their attention at the time.

Hoping to come up with the next smash-hit app? You are now in the proper place. The Areus team can help you create personalized mobile apps and go-to-market strategies.

Contact us here and let’s think about how you can revolutionize the market.  

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