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7 shocking statistics that will make you back-up your data immediately

20 Sep 2017

7 shocking statistics that will make you back-up your data immediately

Data is the backbone of many enterprises nowadays. It can be applied in virtually any area of your business – from managing customer relationships, through research and development to bookkeeping. No matter what the application though, data loss is something your company cannot afford. The statistics below will show you why.


The statistics on data loss, collected by BackupAssist® earlier this year, are the best proof that backing up is not a choice anymore. It’s a must.

In 2016, 50% of enterprises was attacked by ransomware – a virus blocking the access to a computer until a requested amount of money is paid. Ransomware is often said to be the virtual equivalent of kidnapping. With a probability this high, it’s only a question of time until your business turns into a victim.

However, hackers are not the only threat to your data. As much as one third of data-related disasters are caused by an accident. Even the most improbable event, like a flood, fire or simply an employee spilling his coffee, can easily destroy your servers.

The consequences may be very serious. According to the numbers, more than two third of businesses do not survive data disasters. The reasons may involve financial losses, customer trust issues or the internal situation in the company. The exact statistics about these causes are also included in the infographic.

75% of the customers will not stay with your company after a data loss. The reasons are pretty straightforward. Without any information about their previous purchases you cannot adapt your offer to their preferences anymore. Besides, would you trust a company who cannot keep your data secure?

Data disaster may not only cost you the loss of clients but also employees. Almost half of companies lose staff morale after such incident. Less motivated workers mean lower productivity or commitment and higher chances of leaving the workplace.

Finally, having your data blocked by a virus may lead your company to bankruptcy faster than you might think. For a mid-sized company, the cost of one hour without access to data is equal to forty-four thousand dollars on average. If that wasn’t enough – the attacked business also bears the cost of 552 man-hours a year for dealing with the consequences of losing their data.

The last statistic presented on the infographic says that almost one third of people have never backed up. Are you one of them? Then it’s time to take action! Simply contact us here and have your data secured immediately!


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