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4 Great Advantages of IT Project Management Outsourcing

06 Apr 2017

4 Great Advantages of IT Project Management Outsourcing

Efficient project management can decide about the success or failure of your company. But what if you don’t have enough resources at your disposal to carry a project from the initial planning to the final evaluation? Today at Areus we will discuss what are the advantages of outsourcing project management, especially when compared to employing a new project manager.

1. Skills and experience

Being the best manager or the most talented developer doesn’t necessarily mean being able to efficiently manage a project. Reaching the final objective requires a lot of planning, controlling and documentation, but there’s even more to that. Soft skills are as important. Motivating, mentoring and evaluating are responsibilities of the project management as well. Let alone responding to unpredictable changes, dealing with budget constraints, managing the risk and working under a constant time pressure.
Could an inexperienced manager handle all of those issues? Well, you can check it at your own risk… or consider employing a professional, high-skilled IT project manager, who is dealing with this kind of responsibilities every day.

2. Efficiency

Are your customers your priority? Do you constantly strive to satisfy their needs? Would you like your needs to be addressed this efficiently?
By outsourcing your project management, you are becoming a customer yourself. Your service provider will prioritize your needs, because your satisfaction will be the best referral for his future clients.
Forget about your managers complaining about excessive workload, constantly postponed deadlines and uncontrollable raises in expenses. A professional IT project manager, thanks to his long experience, will be able to precisely assess time and money needed to finish a given project. He will also spot the threats appearing after the launch of the project and make sure all the initial conditions are kept.

3. Objectivity

An external IT project manager, apart from his skills and experience, will contribute to your company with a fresh approach. He will be able to assess your strategy from a new perspective and, perhaps, suggest some improvements or give a valuable feedback.
This kind of objectivity is usually lost among the regular workers of any company, due to the influence of routine and habits. People would usually stop questioning the way the things are done, as soon as they get used to them.
The know-how and practices brought into your company by an external project manager will remain among your workers long after he’s gone and his contribution will remain fruitful for years to come.

4. Cost efficiency

Hiring an inexperienced manager will always seem cheaper at first sight. Nothing further from the truth. The employers usually ignore the fact that low efficiency is a cost. And it’s not only the quality of the final outcome that can be affected by an unskilled project manager. It’s also the speed of project completion that will be influenced. Nowadays, especially in a fast-changing industry of technology, time is often more valuable than money.
On the other hand, many years’ experience in the field may result priceless and should never be underestimated. By outsourcing your project manager, you will fully benefit from his knowledge and skills developed through years and you won’t have to invest anything in trainings and courses.

Next step

You’ve seen only four out of hundreds of advantages of project management as a service, though that’s more than enough to understand the huge benefits behind it. Are you ready to start organising more successful IT projects? Contact us here or read about how exactly can we help your company reach its goals.

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