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10 Breakthrough Technologies 2015

27 Jul 2015

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2015

5390165850_15d8c09240_oWe all agree that 2015 is one of the big years of breakthrough, particularly in the tech and business world. We already live in a world where we lose the boundaries between reality and virtual life, between human and non-human. Here’s what’s changing the world.

HTML 5. Since HTML 5 first hit the market it has become an essential technology for many companies all over the world. HTML 5 is considered a cross-platform human-machine interaction technology managed, and an open industry-consensus process. A major uplift in the impact of HTML 5 on mobile application can be noticed because of its improvements in the embedded Web View component in mobile platforms. With this new system, businesses will be able to quickly deliver applications across multiple platforms in a way that couldn’t have been done before.

New Wi–Fi standards. New standards and performance speed increased along with the appearance of Wi-Fi enabled devices in today’s companies. Wi-Fi standards, such as 8022.11ac, 11ad, or 11ah rise Wi-Fi performance, and it definitively increases Internet experiences for users. Of course these changes will not stop in 2015, and more improved standards will be introduced over the next three years.

Enterprise mobile management. Also known as EMM, this term is used to describe the convergence between mobile management, security and support technologies. Bascially, this reffers to the applications for managing mobile devices, including operating systems, tablets and PCs.

Car-to-Car communication. Car to car communication is almost here. Cars will communicate with each other and this will help to avoid accidents. For making this a reality, three big players are working on this technology – General Motors, the University of Michigan and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Nanotech. This is a new science that connects different engineering areas.  And not just any size; it’s about small, really small things. It turns out that looking at the details on a nano scale is a big mystery. The biggest challenge is to create products from the most basic ingredients, a kind of microscopic production line. This feels much like science fiction.

3D Printing. The user can make a copy of almost everything, but now we can do it in 3D. Te technology has now become available for everyone, and it’s possible to build jewelery and even electronic parts for NASA, instead of printing sheets of papers with ink. 3D printing created a big advantage for medicine and it’s a big step for humanity.

Robots. Robots are real and a vast number of applications have been developed in the past few years. Google, Shaft, Industrial Perception, Redwood Robotics, Meka Robotics are just a few companies that are dedicating time to build robots that can live and work among human beings.

Renewable Energy. Renewable energy is a rapidly expanding field that has changed dramatically over the past decade. The renewable energy is not only bringing benefits for the environment, but for the tech world in particular and the humanity in general. More and more companies are involved in this trend and invest in creating solutions for the company itself and its users.

Machine Learning. Machine learning has tremendous potential to transform companies. It’s based on the creation of computer systems that can make reasoned decisions based on prior experience with learning data sets. Basically, the computer can think by itself.

Artificial Intelligence. AI is related to machine learning because it can be defined as a branch of science which is into making machines think like humans.

How do you think these technologies will change your life? Let us know what do you think and share your thoughts in the comments.

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