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Apple promises to bring back Home Sharing for music in iOS 9

30 Jul 2015

Apple promises to bring back Home Sharing for music in iOS 9

iOS-9iOS 9 beta is now available to download in Apple’s free public beta program or its iOS developer program. The final version on iOS 9 for free will be released in September this year, which is a good thing if we take into consideration that iOS 9 beta 1 and beta 2 were buggy and unfinished.

The last version of Apple OS brought an unpleasant surprise for the fans – the Home Sharing option disappeared and the user could no longer share iTunes libraries with iPods and iPhones on the same network.

User experience. Because user experience seems to matter a lot for Apple, the new version will bring this option back, along with improved functionality for Siri, better enhancements, better multi tasking for tablets and many more.

Smarter Siri. This smarter Siri will look more like Google, being able to proactively make suggestions before asking. A voice command to “find my photos”, for example, will allow Siri to search for relevant images from the device.

Battery improvements. iOS 9 adds battery improvements that promise to squeeze an extra hour of battery life for both iPads and iPhones.

Multitasking. Apple introduces a new app switching experience which allows users to run two apps side by side. Basically, the user can watch videos while working in other apps, like email. Multitasking is an important improvement for tablets.

Caller ID. Other improvements include better caller ID, if the user is not saving the number in the Contacts, the iOS is trying to guess who it might be based on other information like emails. Besides, iOS will make suggestions to users when it’s the proper moment to leave for the next meeting if’s set up in the calendar.

Keyboard. Apple is changing the device’s quick type keyboard with new gestures that makes it much easier to adjust the text and the position of the cursor.

Apple is always surprising us and creates innovative products according to users’ preferences.

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