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Quality Are us! Why Areus? Blog intro

10 Jul 2015

Quality Are us! Why Areus? Blog intro

Welcome to our new blog! This is going to be one of the most important and trustfull resource about tech for creators, innovators and technology leaders.

Areus_picAreus Blog will bring together relevant global and local news in the tech industry, trusted trend analysis, innovative technologies and great opportunities that matter to IT professionals and decision makers. If you want to follow hot topics or emerging trends, or if you want to keep up with the latest news and events, Areus blog is the “place to go”.

To all professionals out there seeking to research technology-related issues, and solve business technology problems, check out our blog and you will gain access to trusted and quality content.

Who we are?

Almost 5 years ago we started this incredible journey, called Our founder Catălin Niculae wanted to create personalized mobile and web applications in his own company. We mobilize specialized teams who can work in various cultural contexts and we give access to companies to benefit from a pool of ideas and solutions and then to enter markets faster, with greater precision.

We are specialized in development, production and sales of business, web and mobile application and we give you the opportunity to upgrade your business and secure your projects.

Why Areus?

We understand our customers’ needs and the challenges they are facing. Like them, Areus has innovation and entrepreneurial spirit at heart. At Areus, dedication to excellence is our prime mission. We are committed to providing the highest degree of quality in every product, solution or service.

We build software with the exact requested features, based on a unique mixture: your requirements, our raw talent and experience, and good management. Software development outsourcing has never been easier and safer.

Take a tour to our new blog!

Keeping up-to-date with your industry is the key for building expert power. By developing expertise in your job and your industry, you’ll earn the trust and respect of the people around you.

So take a tour around our blog, bookmark our website and connect with us on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to stay up to date with our news. We will have a lot of updates to share in the coming weeks and months.

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