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Oil & Gas industry in the context of Mobile Revolution

26 Feb 2018

Oil & Gas industry in the context of Mobile Revolution



With the rapid improvements such as faster processing power, more accurate pinpoint localization services and the extensive connectivity worldwide, the Mobile revolution is profoundly changing the world. All the businesses are being remodeled, just the degree of this change can be different from industry to industry. Oil & Gas industry is evidently not being left out from this process, and the mobile impact is substantial.


The fast automation and mobile technology progress in areas like sensors, Big Data management, control systems are impressive. A big part of the oil rigging organizations and gas companies are jumping on the train to go digital to cut costs, improve the safety all around and refine their error-prone duties.

Oil & Gas industry is doing above average in the mobile context. Studies show that there is a higher usage of mobile phones for day-to-day duties from senior-level employees to junior  ( The industry is using this technology to its  maximum to improve areas such as employee safety, reduce environmental risk, make more accurate geographical decisions and much more than that.

Mobile is everywhere, we can see this, and all the studies show us that the market is growing every year. How is this explicitly impacting the Oil&Gas industry?


Safety and Real-time Analysis


A lot of companies in this area do employ off-shore plants that drill into the seabed for oil. Mobile and Geolocation technologies help in domains such as location tracking, pipeline inspection, data monitoring, asset management and a multitude of employer tracking as well, especially in case of emergency situations. This benefits also extends to environmental appliances such as water movement based on geolocation which is valuable information to have at the ease of your fingertips as a professional on an oil rig.


Updates & 24/7 communication


Another overlooked aspect of the mobile industry that links with the on-shore departments. So often offshore platforms are unaware of changes made at a regulatory level. Using mobile can bring valuable insights in both directions, by monitoring and reporting data in real-time. Mobile and technology advances also help create data archives, which ends up usually in a wholesome data storage system. Upstream and downstream tracking also becomes more natural.


Efficiency & automation in data management

The big plus mobile brings to any industry, including the Oil & Gas is of course efficiency. Traditional ways of handling data have become a thing of the past, now since almost everything can be automated, a lot of costs can be cut to improve workflow and eventually profit.  With nearly everyone practically owning a smartphone, this can be used towards increasing the businesses productivity by directly implementing essential software on those devices to crucial users such as field managers, senior-level employees and not only.

As we keep moving forward, we’re more than sure that the Mobile and Oil & Gas industry are bound to stay intertwined! It’s a matter of how everyone decides to do it since there are so many ways of implementing mobile software! If you would like to talk about going mobile in your Oil & Gas business, and not only, we would love to hear from you here!

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