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2019 Outsourcing Rates Benchmark Study

What are the rates and fees in different outsourcing destinations?

What are the software development hourly rates in different geographical areas?

Download the 2019 Outsourcing Rates Benchmark Study.

What is comprised ?

Outsourcing Destinations

What are the best destinations for software development outsourcing?

Saving Costs with Software Outsourcing

Expectations vs. Reality when it comes to outsourcing and saving costs

Total Cost of Outsourcing: Inhouse vs outsourced development

What is the cost of an employee compared with an outsourced developer?

Building Outsourcing Partnerships

How to choose the right outsourcing provider?

2019 Outsourcing Rates & Fees Comparison Study


This research paper is meant to serve the outsourcing decision-makers as a benchmark for future decisions. In outsourcing software development pricing or cost is not usually the critical factor. As some other studies show, the Total Cost of Outsourcing and the strategic business and operation benefits, often surpass pricing in the decision to outsource.

87% base outsourcing decisions on cost

Cost reduction is generally the most cited reason that companies mention to offshore outsource development with a whopping 87% factor in the outsourcing decisions.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe, with its' highly skilled specialists, English proficiency, compatible communications, and cultural standards, and overlapping time zones is one of the preferred outsourcing destinations.

Hourly outsourcing rates and fees

Hourly outsourcing rates and fees come in wide variations, with Asia in the $20s to 50$s range while Eastern Europe and Latin America range in the $30 to $70s range. outsourcing in th US is still an option with bottom fees ranging little under $100 all the way to 200$ per hour.

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2019 Outsourcing Rates Benchmark Study:

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